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How to achieve happiness?

Signs ,Symptoms and Behaviour of person affected by Black Magic and its prevention

 # Dislike and hatred for spouse ( Husband or Wife).

# Change of behaviour with family members

# Miscarriage of Pregnant woman.

# Thinking and feeling that work is completed, but actually the work is not completed

# Sudden Change in attitude and approach

# Inability to have sexual intercourse

Note: This symptoms can be due to Psychological ailments and disease.

Take assistance  of expert in medical field and Pious and Knowledgeable Scholar


1)Blowing on patient's body after following recitation ( with understanding and firm faith)

#Recitation of Ayatal Kursi

#Recitation of last two verses of Surah Baqarah

#Recitation of last two surahs of Holy Quran

#Recitation of  Surah Fatiha

2) Reading Morning and evening Adhkaar

3) Frequent supplication ( Dua, Prayer)


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