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Oppressors or Oppressed : Sometimes one who cries is oppressor

 Al-Imām ash-Sh‘abi narrates, whilst he was in the company of Shurayh al-Qādi, a woman came in who was crying hysterically and began complaining about her husband, who was not present. Al-Imām ash-Sh‘abi said [to the woman] ‘May Allāh rectify your situation, I do not see her except that she is an oppressed woman.’ Shurayh al-Qādi [suprised at what he heard], asked [ash-Sha‘bi]: ‘and how do you know that?’ Ash-Sha‘bi replied: ‘From her [hysterical] crying.' Therefore Shurayh al-Qādi said: ‘Do not do this [in future], certainly, the brothers of Yūsuf [عَلَيْهِ السَّلاَم] came to their father at night crying while they were the oppressors!’”

Al-‘Iqd ul-Fareed, 1/81 | Ibn ‘Abd Rabbih al-Andalūsi [may Allāh have mercy on him]


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